9/16-21「2019 EMO歐洲工具機展」工商時報特發行英文版專刊,專業新聞報導

EMO is an exhibition of machine tools that must be visited by the world’s major precision machinery buyers. This year, a total of 206 Taiwanese manufacturers signed up for the exhibition. With a total exhibition area of 21,052 m2, we are among the best in the world. Major exhibitors include FFG, Victor Taichung, Tongtai, HIWIN, GOODWAY , LITZ, YCM, FEMCO, WELE, Hartford, DAHLIH, CHMER. Among them, FFG’s exhibition scope even includes all the entire pavilions of Hall 14. The Taiwanese exhibitors will exhibit high-end and high-priced models and key components of machine tools, such as intelligent machine tools, fully automated production lines, gantry machines, five-axis machining machines, turning and milling combined machine centers. In order to meet the needs of the European high-end user market, it is estimated that it has the opportunity to obtain a large order of NT$30 billion.


2019歐洲工具機展(EMO Hannover 2019)於9/16~21舉辦,預計將有2,000家分別來自40多國的機械相關業者參展,和將近13萬來自世界各地的專業買主參觀,可說是世界上最重要的國際工具機展示會。

工商時報配合本次展覽,特發行英文版「2019 EMO歐洲工具機展專刊」。透過專業新聞報導及廣告呈現,協助已報名參展的台灣展商,及其他有意拓展海外市場之精密機械相關業者,提升產品能見度、增進企業品牌形象,擴大海外參展及宣傳效益。


Commercial Times published the “2019 EMO European Machine Tool Show Special Issue” in EMO Hannover 2019(9/16~21). Through professional news reports and advertisement presentations, we will assist Taiwan exhibitors, and other precision machinery related companies who are interested in expanding international markets, to enhance product visibility, enhance corporate brand image, and expand overseas participation and publicity. The news will be free to visitors at the EMO exhibition. This e-book is also open to readers at home and abroad to download and read.

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